Wednesday, May 23, 2012


This is the reboot of a previous reboot story--BPS Files:  Lost & Found Again.  Both are based on characters my older brother and I created when we were kids.  In the Pooh books, Christopher Robin's stuffed bear, donkey, tiger, pig, etc. lived in a forest and had adventures, but our stuffed animals did much cooler stuff.  They flew around in starships, fought epic battles, and could vaporize anyone who got in their way with Power Collars.  Take that, Winnie the Pooh!

The easiest way to think about it might be to think that it's like "Star Trek" only the humans are dogs.  Dogs who walk on two legs and talk, kind of like Brian in "Family Guy."  So there you go.

The central character is Captain Buster Bulldog.  After a meteor shower nearly destroys a colony of the Bloc of Planetary States, Buster and the crew of the Batpooh are assigned to check out some strange energy readings from a nearby unexplored system.  When they get there, they find an alien race made up entirely of cats!

On the cat home world, Buster meets the beautiful and wise Princess Whiskers.  And though it seems impossible for a dog and a cat to fall in love, Buster and Whiskers find themselves doing just that.  But their new love sets off a chain reaction that could lead to war between dogs and cats!

This is intended for middle grade and older audience, so there's no real cursing or sex and just mild sci-fi action violence.

Please enjoy A New Beginning (title may change)...